Ondřej Vavrečka (1980, Prague) deals with film, theatre, music and exploration of all sorts of landscapes and corners; both inner and outer ones. He uses these and other means to bear distinctive witness of it all. He talks about worlds, himself and other people using baroquely branching associative pictorial “happen-diaries” (author’s neologism denoting a time related record of something that happens to him). Film “happen-diary” consists of fluid assemblages of tied-together composites of images, texts, talks, music, sounds and both public and secret signs. All of it is driven by a syncoptic rhythm, associative thinking and analytical editing.

Vavrečka’s stories are shoved both forward and backward by a giddy camera charged usually with expired 16 mm or 8 mm film. Vavrečka is a producer, cinematographer, author, extra, editor, scriptwriter and impresario of a few truly author films he has been working on tirelessly since his beginning of studies at FAMU (Editing Department and Center for Audiovisual Studies). With fast cuts he searches, layers, moulds and connects both continuous and disparate places, he combines subjects and life stories. With picturesque and picaresque irony he combs through found materials: whispers of stories, fragments of images with camera eye pointing sometimes at a banality, sometimes pervading the surface with a strain sometimes rejoicing, sometimes harrowing.

Vavrečka’s sense of pataphysical logic and poetics of causal sciences and (dis)continuity is Bachtin-like carnivalesque. He manages to interlink everything into one: animals marching into Noe’s arc, stupidity of election campaign videos, awkwardness of merry-making festival, possible consequences of refusal of Ancient Slavonic liturgy, tales of Prokopian legends, stories of electronic cigarette, ephemerality of sand sculptures at beach, interview with a grandmother, astrology and astronomy.

For a viewer, the logic, functionality and irreconcilably zigzagged straightfowardness usually unwraps only slowly, ex-post. The author arrives at lowered line of immersion by mastering the synthesis of fidgetiness and humble waiting for a miracle. He juxtaposes ecstatic connectivity of profane and sacred, high and low, archaic and oncoming, wise and grotesque, cool and hot, raw and cooked, colorful and grayscale.
However, one can reach all this only after experience with a strike of image oracle, amnesia of headlong trot, ramble and crawling through alleys that keep ever branching and crossing themselves.

Miloš Vojtěchovský 2014


2012 Brooklyn-Manhattan
2011 Astronomical studies (collaboration) 
2008 Lime-Tree of Third Millenium 2007 Seven Ears of Zodiac (with V. Ježková)
2007 Bachelor cycle COAGULA
2006 Otlač-oblič-otlič
2006 Novosti dnja
2005 ME+5*30m*16mm+bolexH16
2005 Good Day, Mrs. L.

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