The joint project of Monika Krobová and David Krňanský focuses on the tension between individual expression and mechanical reproduction. Besides motifs of the body, scale and multiplicity, one of the themes of the exhibition is the very principle of form production with a potential presence of the human figure. Appropriations of minimalism and action painting watered down by mechanical repetition substitute the process of the disappearing subject. Processes, which abstract identity into a set of signs and functions. Authentic beings are transformed into quantitative and qualitative relationships and relations. The conception of the installation is based on a marked reduction of the means of expression and aims at the basic scheme – net, surface, cover and the space between them, which is full of various emotions and vague thoughts. The resulting constellation, among other things, revises the fundamental distinction between fine arts and applied arts, and encourages the viewer to notice certain relations between the artist and designer, the way they think and work. Products are pulled out of their usual context and they thus partially lose their function.

David Krňanský a Martin Nytra

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