Slovak painter Lucia Dovičáková and an Austrian artist Ina Loitzl address women experience with its „hot issues” critically examining such diverse themes as morality, women roles and her body.
While Lucia Dovičáková works predominantly in painting, Ina Loitzl is engaged with a variety of media including video or costume design creating textile objects and collages. Artists approach their subject with a great sense of humour, subversive irony and self-reflection. Taking their inspiration from their everyday lives they conceive their work as an intimate dialogue where there is no place for a false scruple especially when gender stereotypes come into play.
Lucia Dovičáková (born 1981) was educated at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Košice in the studio of contemporary painting under prof. Rudolf Sikora. In 2006 she was a finalist of a prestigious national price awarded young artists – Oskar Čepan Price. Her latest body of work preoccupies with gender stereotypes which the author wittily depicts and also argues with. The figures in her paintings often break the rules and moral conventions only to set up their own: so we see a girl licking a plate or knife clean, putting her fingers into a soup or drinking tea right from a porcelain teapot. Their mouth often being shut up by their long braids while their eyes look directly into our own´s. It is author´s intention to put her agents into endlessly provocative situations showing openly what should stay hidden. Dovičáková is a brilliant commentator of everyday, often marginal and marginalized problems of women but a banality becomes provoking and ironic in her paintings. The author works to achieve the look of a naive and a non-academic painting, again with the great amount of subversive humour.
Ina Loitzl (born 1972 in Klagenfurt/Austria) studied graphic art and visual media at the Mozarteum Academy in Salzburg and later at the University of Applied Arts Vienna in a studio of visual media under prof. Peter Weibel. The author feels at home in various media including video, photography or costume design producing collages and various textile objects. Her work is in fact characterized by mixing media often combining rare materials and traditional techniques such as gold and embroidery or knitting with the mass-produced objects. Adapting the strategies of kitsch and holiday gifts the artist offers her own aesthetics. The result, however, is the work of art that is a far cry from a conventional, aesthetically pleasing work. Its message can be found in artist´s subtle social criticism that makes us confront the borders of tolerance. Mainly of our own.
Apart from humorous associations, self-reflection plays an important role in their approach, both visual and narrative. Dovičáková, like Loitzl, experiments with her own body and face taking her cues from her everyday life, childhood memories and family narratives. Ina Loitzl, too, as a mother of three children, is highly concerned with issue of taking the different roles of artist, mother, lover and wife. Her video called Die Seelen in meiner Brust /The Souls in my Breast/ can be understood in the terms of a comic self-portrait. Here Loitzl analyzes some of the aspects of her own identity, drawing references to such important figures of the 20th century women´s movement as Frida Kahlo, Meret Oppenheim or Valie Export. Through her textile objects resembling body fragments after the plastic surgery Ina Loitzl frames the important issues of body as the beauty myth.

Gabriela Kisová

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