The Collectors

Martin and Miroslava Kubík, brother and sister, set up a gallery in Litomyšl in 2012, which they named after their father Miroslav Kubík, the founder of a family business Kubík a.s. The gallery is located in house no. 71 in the square Smetanovo náměstí (the space was originally intended for offices) and they have been organising exhibitions there already since 2005. The gallery housed works by Czech artists, such as Jiří David, Stanislav Diviš, Tomáš Císařovský, Stanislav Kolíbal, the famous architect Oscar Niemeyer and Bohdan Kopecký, a native from Litomyšl. Besides solo and group shows there is also space for various topical exhibitions. Since 2012 the gallery has been organizing in collaboration with the curator Martin Dostál an annual symposium for young painters. Martin and Miroslava Kubík collect contemporary modern art, especially paintings.

Tereza Jindrová

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