Lenka Vítková uses fragments of different texts for her text installations forming a space loaded with meaning, a mental image in the imagination of every viewer. A characteristic sense of humour, literary experience and musical rhythm (or at least sensitivity) are visible in almost all her projects (1), sound recordings which are an inseparable part of her work the same as her paintings.

Her paintings originate fast, but there are long periods of time between the moment she starts a painting and the moment she completes it, during which Lenka lives with the paintings, examines them, shows them to her friends and finally with the same energy as in the beginning she either radically changes her painting or finishes it. The most productive time is shortly before the opening of an exhibition, not because she hasn´t got enough paintings to display but because the actual exhibition space calls for new contexts and visual situations. Lenka Vítková is an experienced artist and she can master energy just as well as her brush. The need to make sure how a colour spot works is as strong as the need to render in detail an object, she thinks for a long time about an accidental brush stroke. In her paintings you can see movement or a kind of vivid basis which is visible both on the background and the monochrome parts of the composition. For a long time a typical feature of her paintings was the visible preparatory coating and the irregular square format. In her series of exhibitions we can see that she attaches great importance to duality, balance and supplementing of one element by another one (not necessarily an opposing one).
On the contemporary art scene Lenka Vítková represents an interlink between the outskirts and the centre, between the newcomers and experienced artists. Perhaps thanks to her trustworthiness she is usually one of the first artists to display her work in newly founded art galleries (e.g. Ferdinand Baumann Gallery, Showcase Deniska, Entrance). She studied art and philology at Olomouc University, in 2006 she returned back to the town and founded Gallery 36 there which she run for five years. At the same time she worked as an editor of the art magazine Umělec (Artist), wrote reviews and introduced the work of young artists and artists of the middle generation. She was the curator of a number of exhibitions in e.g. Tranzit, GASK and Hvězda, last year she defended her dissertation Texts in visual art in the studio of Vladimír Skrepl and Jiří Kovanda.
Last November the second issue of the magazine Mamka (Mum), which has nothing to do with motherhood and family, was published. The title of the magazine devoted to poetry was puzzling for a number of people who came to the evening celebration of the launch of the magazine. (2)
Lenka Vítková likes weird objects, she collects them and also makes some strange objects herself. She creates installations from small porcelain boxes, makes objects of red sand-paper (the fire at the exhibition Heat at Meetfactory), postcards or Christmas tree decorations. Her videos are also slightly odd, the same as her boxes with texts which supplement her exhibitions. Strangeness may be a quality which has the ability to disburden, to unsettle or entertain the viewer, to prepare the viewer for a different way of thinking.

 „My grandma saw a fireball in the kitchen in Křemže. It was moving slowly and then it disappeared in a crack next to the switch. Six, thirty eight, ninety three, a hundred plus one. I read about a woman who saw a fireball romping about her flat, she hit it and her arm was burnt to the bone. I read about a mountain climber who saw a fireball during a storm in the mountains which rolled into his tent and into his sleeping bag. It last only a couple of seconds. Scientists have no explanation for fireballs, it is the same as with other unexpected situations, such as when someone guesses what you are thinking about.“
Fireball, audio, 2014, 1,03 min. (Galerie Díra, Meetfactory)
(1) Together with Markéta Lisá she is a member of the couple rtf and a member of the group Audiofenky (Markéta Lisá, Kateřina Zochová and Lenka Vítková) 
(2) The magazine Mamka is the work of Lenka Vítková, Markéta Lisá, Ondřej Petrlík and Filip Cenek who address different artists and poets.

Lucie Šmardová

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