The Collectors

„My name is Richard Watzke and I shall help you to buy art and properties“ – this is „the motto“ of a remarkable businessman and art lover from Prague. Richard Watzke was born in 1971 in Teplice and his company Richard Watzke Europe s.r.o. focuses on the sale of exclusive properties and art. His original concept is based on displaying art in houses and flats for sale and the exhibition openings are conceived as exceptional events for VIP guests. He also publishes a limited series of a magazine entitled „Richard Watzke – a magazine for people who love art and business“. Watzke is surrounded by numerous works of art and is known for his interest in modern glass sculpture. According to him, individual works of art enrich our lives, however, they are not irreplaceable artefacts – they are also products intended for sale or investment. Some people find Richard Watzke fascinating, others annoying, however, he hardly ever leaves someone cold.

Tereza Jindrová

2x comments “The Collectors 6 – Richard Watzke”

  1. JAROSLAVA KYŠOVÁ says on10. Feb. 2015:

    Dobrý večer.Děkuji za časopis.Tak něco pro dobrou náladu.Máte pěkného pejska.pěkně se koukal do kamery.DOBROU.

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