VOICE is an interdisciplinary artistic project devoted to the phenomenon of the human voice – an essential tool of communication and expression, through which we articulate all kinds of messages and express emotions. The project’s underlying idea is to listen to the artists’ voices, but also to create conditions where the recipient will be able find their own voice, discover his corporeal nature, political power, form, possibilities, and meanings. The aim of the exhibition and its accompanying events is to propose a collection of experiences conducive to reflection on the expanse of space defined by voice, extending from the articulation of discourse to unintelligible screaming.

The exhibition is comprised of videos as well as sound installations created by visual artists and by artists operating on the fringe of cinema, art, and music. Voice is the theme, a basic medium of communication and an essential means of expression. The featured works are construed as an audiovisual experience and a narrative playing out in space through which the spectator/listener is led by various voices.

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