Supervizuelna is an electronic journal with a flexible forms of content on contemporary art topics, founded in may 2013. It comments and designates current ideas, themes, events and phenomena in the field of contemporary art with no geographical definition, with special emphasis on the local art scene. Resulting from the need to write about art and discuss it in an open platform accessible to large community, Supervizualna fosters and initiates variety of views from both local and global environment, creating a forum for the articulation of impulses and thoughts on contemporary art practice, from the perspective of artistic activity and visual language.

The content of the magazine is based on interviews with artists and by artists, curators, workers in the field of culture, etc. texts written in the Blog section, as well as a variety of visual materials in columns Map and Monitor, while the visitor can also be acquainted with the artists in their studios through the Sneak Peek section. Supervizuelna was founded as a collective initiative of a small group of people who approach art from different positions, believing in its prominent social and cognitive role. Collective behind Supervizuelna journal are: Žolt Kovač, Ana Bogdanović, Isidora M. Nikolić, Saša Tkachenko, Ivan Šuletić .

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