Just like in the previous years, the third year of the Frejm baj Frejm exhibition is thematically united by a creative analysis of technological and conceptual possibilities of the medium of animation in gallery space. The idea of the show draws from the nature and locality of the exhibition space. What do the artworks on display have in common is an interest in the city environment, its elements, space, sounds, symbols of social groups or emotions of an individual. There has been an audiovisual situation created for the show that comprises animations by three foreign authors (Krišs Solemnis, Eszter Szabó, Nemanja Nikolić) beamed by rotation on the walls of the gallery. In the intermission between individual screenings the whole space got suddenly changed to a different installation by a simple transformation of lighting. A spatial drawing that is revealed unexpectedly by black light on the gallery walls. Illusion of a fictitious urban space created a specific visual environment for a sound installation by Slávo Krekovič, which could be used by visitors to „animate“ through their movement, that is to enliven and move various sounds of illusional city.

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