Claudiu Cobilanschi lives at the blurry boundary between art and media, using, as journalist, multiple mediums for different kinds of expression and, as an artist, and the benefit of these media’s mutual influence. In his practice, he is approaching issues of stereotypical thinking, forecasting and physicality, etc. projecting messages in different contexts: photography, portraits-oracles, post-apocalyptic sculptures, studies of expressiveness in conventional images, video-documents of immigrants, DIY saunas, interactive movies, etc. He has worked within the framework, and tested the limits of institutions such as ParadisGaraj & Die Kunsthalle Bukarest , Platforma Anexa MNAC, Barbara Seiler Gallery, Zurich, Depo Instanbul, Rotwand Gallery Zurich, IGBildendeKunst Vienna, Nida ArtColony Lithuania, HBK Saar Deutschland, Romanian Cultural Institute, Kunsthalle Krems, etc.

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