[BLOK] is a collective based in Zagreb, established as a non-profit organization in 2001, which acts at the intersection between art, cultural work, urbanism and political activism. Our projects are conceptualized and realized as platforms for the collective efforts of artists, curators, researchers, political activists and anyone with an interest in the politics of public space, production of urban commons, intervention into elite machinery of high culture, critic of creative industries, as well as a space to reflect on the artistic practices responsive to political context and production conditions in which they originate. During its continuous activity from 2001 onwards, [BLOK] has implemented projects in the public space, lectures, discussions, exhibitions, long-term research projects, publications, and has also initiated and participated in the public debate concerning the neoliberal transformation of public space and institutions, struggling for their democratization.

Lecture was organized by Kontekst Collective.

Kontekst Collective is an autonomous organization whose work is concentrating on interconnecting critical theory and practice, field of visual art, culture and media with a wider social engagement.


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