How can a curator influence an art platform? What degree of manipulation is in the work presented? How is the position of a curator perceived in the context of exhibitions?
These three pivotal questions gave rise to the two-year project The Position Of a Curator, reflecting and discussing a curatorship in the Czech Republic. The project will take place in the course of year in the form of debates, lectures and a conference presented in the culture factory Armaturka in Ústí nad Labem.
The project starts with the exhibition Start Up Position presenting a curator’s play and harmony over contemporary art. The selection of artworks defined by a simple clue – new perspectives of medium and form, guided by the curators Lenka Sýkorová and Romana Veselá who have a clearly decided and easily distinguishable area of their interest, will be supplemented two weeks later with Karina Kottová’s point of view focused on making exhibitions’ and artworks’ mediation to a viewer more intensive. Jan Krtička will take over the baton at the beginning of April. In his work he deals with overlaps into a curatorship.

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