…once again I have to think about the name of this exhibition and thus define and delimit the exhibition.
The only thing I knew from the very beginning was that I wanted to dedicate the exhibition to Jiří David, an art theoretician, an aesthetician and my old friend.
… however, there is a certain paradox, since Mr David said about a few of my paintings that they “were not his cup of tea”, but during our long “discussions over my pictures”, I knew he respected them.
In this exhibition I wish to present the reduced possibilities of a painting that I reached in the course of time…
They are series inspired by phonetic recordings of sounds, tones or noises and music by Franz Schubert or Gustav Mahler…
Phonetic abstraction merges with natural symbolics as in the case of the gurgling water of the Podlažice brook that belongs to my latest works or in the series entitled Scores, Signals or Tones. The cycle Monochromes Joseph originated recently, in this cycle I tried to come to terms with my grandfather passing away.
… surely some kind of horizon lying beyond the subjective level must exist. If we see the very concept of colour as an intersection point of meeting (for me) with Blessing (a constantly more intensive awareness of the fact that colour becomes an intersection in which a non-personal radiance of blessing is hidden, and then through colour comes naming, words /note III), then colour seen this way becomes a symbol, something binding. However, it also contains an ironic undertone of defiance since it wants to be mere colour and not a symbol. That´s where those meetings occur… (Diary, May 30, 2013)

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