The criterion for the choice of these four videos by three artists Peter Barényi, Mira Gáberová and Zuzana Žabková, was after giving it some thought, definite and subjective. I wasn´t searching for these videos but on the contrary these videos found and they struck me like a lightning.
I started to work with Peter Barényi five years ago and we made our first, in my opinion a real exhibition prepared by a curator LOOPS (Gallery 13m3). I am still attached to his work and to choose only two pieces (Love and Argument) took me almost 90 percent of the time I spent thinking about the whole set. Topically minimized videos are visual representation of the artist’s way of thinking about the phenomenons of everyday life. In his work he avoids describing the reality by, to a large degree, fictive technical pictures. He shows personal and superpersonal issues in a subtle and seemingly simple artistic expression.
Everyone who saw the work of Mira Gáberová must have been affected by the aesthetics of her videos. My top experience was perhaps surprisingly her double video Replant (exhibition Edit, Gallery 13m3) and not only the eye but also the mind was fascinated. This video features in the conceptual and visual respect all the attributes of her „typical“ video work („pathos and feelings“, highly visible attributes of feminity, femmes fatales and their mysterious rituals) but it is edited in a completely new way – randomly and by a software editing pattern of another unrelated video. The whole work is thanks to the illogicality and „unclarity“adventurous and indescribable.
I saw the videowork of Zuzana Žabková at the exhibition of her home studio IN (Ilona Németh at the Academy of Arts) called Perfection in the gallery Medium. Fans of an intelligently camouflaged humour will never forget her brilliantly humorous video „Jozef Novák reading lorem ipsum in the key background“ in which an existent man named Jozef Novák is struggling with a pseudotext „Lorem ipsum“ in front of a green screen.

Silvia Čúzyová

01 Argument; Love

A double video in which the artist admits his role as a director – he works with an actress to interpret an argument with her sister and at the same time he appears as one of the protagonist of the video.

This older work uniquely illustrates a projection of a subtle creative subject of the author into the the depicted reality.

02 Replant

A double video in which the artist moderates a play with a chance event, which reveals otherwise hidden pictures and at the same time she reads into its mysterious pictures another dimension of an attractive obscurity.


A humorously tinged video in which is every „imitation“ itself for this once. .
A real Jozef Novák, whose name is commly used as a sample name in various documents, is reading a pseudolatin text „Lorem ipsum“ which is used just as a model text to lay out a text on pages – in front of a green background, which is being keyed in an editing program and thus can be replaced by any other background.

04 Exhibition credits

Curator: Silvia Čúzyová
Author of Texts: Silvia Čúzyová
Realization: Lenka Střeláková and Janek Rous
Published: 16. 6. 2011