For her Prague exhibition, Klara will present a new series of glazed ceramic works and drawings. Her cast of figures commune with each other and nature, sometimes melding into one another as in the multi-headed sculpturePotrusions and at other times transforming into veritable human/fauna/flora hybrids as in Little Violet or Octopussy. The viewer is never sure if this is a willed or involuntary process – sometimes the young, fragile figures seem at ease, but in other instances as in Mothgirl II, the moth seemingly smothers and silences the girl or on the other hand is the moth giving her a new voice? Klara’s world is one we are drawn to, a dream or a fairy tale which is at once foreboding but ultimately desirable, a place which perhaps teaches us that to truly experience the good and even the great is one where we also accept the discomforting.

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