The world is not created by God anymore. It’s being itself, abandoned and without love. The art used to originate the pictures of God. Today only the world remained. And the world is the way art makes, so forget about the art autonomy. The world becomes our home with the help of pictures.
The home is a personified artificiality. It has its dominators and dominated ones. Home is the place where both predators and victims found their common place. We all have an unalienable right to feed on meat. The ethic moralizes: feeding on ourselves is more appropriate than feeding on the others. We examine the innards of self-reference. We have built industry from our homes’ individualities. We attach all the head collars to ourselves as well. The enemy is hiding inside.

Let’s demolish the remains of the old worlds in our bodies, the future is insecure and gloomy. Believe it isn’t evil but its merit. The forest rustles and hides the declining culture. The stars show the slightness of human criterions and the Internet is the way we are, we are the way the Internet is. All the circles of all the proofs – that is our world. Liberal democracy.


The exhibition can have several thematic lines. However they are unresolvably mixed. Let’s try to picture them individually.

A) A female bear roams around Russian taiga and takes everything she needs for granted. It stumps prudently, it is impossible to stop it. Its dense fur frosted over, it protects its cubs, it defends by attacking. And the unicorn? Has it survived in the country of Kondelík? Politics is art of abstraction and generalization. Fireflies of metaphors fly around a marshland.

B) They sat down at a table and tried to agree. They negotiated far into the night. It was important to agree on dividing of subhuman and common. Any other resolution was out of the question. The air-conditioning was humming and they were sitting when he/she suddenly started to be more eloquent than usually. The eye of a hurricane behind his/her back. Civically and politically they concurred.

C) Curious eyes appeared from the darknness, a dark gasping body provided meat, fur, hoofs, horns and organs. It provided everything it could. Let’s picture God sitting in a laboratory, Halogenous bulbs illuminate the white room neutrally, everything is clean and shiny. Now picture a dark room with a bedding from straw and manure. The chains are clanking. The vapor of a breath glitters in the morning sun. The existence can be both heard and felt. Vision versus vision.

D) All roads go ahead – through mutation and through seriality. Shaped thoroughly: „Reproduce in geometric series!“

E) Man is judged and sentenced. Let there be ornament! Become the rhythm of this time!

F) Feeding on identical species is ethically right. Let’s get rid of the species’ selfishness. Let’s throw the taboo away!

G) They are standing in life and waiting for something.

H) We are parts of the far-off entireties.

I) Power is hidden in the recesses of our homes.

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