“The ‘Inclined Plane’ is a place of uncertain standing, uncertain being and the only certainty is the way down. We decided to divide the volume given to us, the Euclidean space, by such an inclined plane. There are unambiguous decisions which are horizontal in the Cartesian meaning, and then there are the socially pressing, fatal, tough, necessarily bad decisions, which are decisions on an inclined plane. And if things find themselves on an inclined plane, they inevitably fall and suffer the consequences, which cannot be estimated or controlled. When we find ourselves on an inclined plane, when the wheel of consequences starts turning, only then do we realize what plane we are on, but then we are usually at the end and deprived of options. We are humans with dogs’ minds. We can not decide between good and evil, black and white, man and beast – this decision has been taken away by stepping on the inclined plane.”

Although the work of Rudolf Skopec and Ladislav Vondrák differs in their media as well as the content, the two artists occasionally work together. In that case, Vondrák and Skopec choose installation instead of the media they usually work in, i.e. video and analogue photography respectively. Through the situations evoked by their installations, they deal with limited conditions and human behavior within those. They build spatial metaphors of socio-political events, whether current, past or future.

Tomáš Klička

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