The shell of a machine controlled unfolding of an exhibition space with a book with black pages. The exhibition of works by Veronika Vlková and Jan Šrámek entitled The Source belongs to a series of projects in which they exhibited together and which were based on an installation of paintings and blending of form and content. Their cooperation, which involves a gradual merging of individual styles, is determined by a topic which influences also the process and dynamics of their work.

The exhibitions „The Dawn May Not Come“ (Galerie Školská, Prague 2012) and The Lost Perspective (Chodovská tvrz, Prague 2012) based the outer shell on a mythological narrative which was a part of an animated video and a book. The two exhibitions entitled Magic of Forgetfulness (Galerie Blansko, 2013) and You´ll Get What You Can Carry (NauGallery, Prague 2013) were based on a mythical story of an airplane crash in Crimea, in which the main hero, hidden under the felt cover of his own story, was Joseph Beuys. The first two exhibitions were based on a parable of a girl living in a post-apocalyptical landscape and the main format were animation and a book whereas the story freely paraphrasing the confession of an artist was presented as an illustration consisting of a mosaic of watercolours, computer illustrations, objects and animations including a wide range of symbolic and cultural motives.

At previous exhibitions the artists cooperated with Martin Búřil who was responsible for the animation of characters from their watercolours and illustrations. On the contrary, the current project deals with the reality of time spent at the exhibition. This leads to reflections related to the mobility of pictures that are static but which can also move freely in their own landscape that cannot be defined in advance. The projection in the centre of a space is a constantly changing picture that will never be the same. The gallery is metaforically changed into a board-game, which can be accessed from the pages of a black book, through the projection or through the absurd movement of objects measuring the „gallery time“. There are stimuli encouraging us to keep discovering the surrounding space, its literal and purely literary permeability based on the presence of borders of the exhibition.
Words from a book, paintings on the wall and onomatopoeic robotics of mechanisms revive the content of the exhibition which is not given in advance but is „derived“ through symbols and archetypes of literary genres. The space of the exhibition The Source with Martin Baar as a guest opens another theme for Veronika Vlková and Jan Šrámek. For the first time this is not a joint exhibition combining or assembling their individual works of art but a process of joint exhibition articulation.

Martin Mazanec

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