How would you characterize your work?

My work is essentially an ongoing quest to reconcile the reality of the world with my image of it, a process in which the acts of comparison and association play a fundamental role. I am interested in how these processes influence numerous aspects of life, from the way we determine our social status, to how we retain information, to the way we draw. This comparative and associative approach serves as both the subject and the system of my art, and I work with that in mind across a range of media.

How would you explain your current exhibition in Altán Klamovka to the average visitor?

This exhibition is essentially the result a simple drawing game that I played with myself; I first made a drawing, and then used an outer line taken from that image as the starting point for the next, and continued on in that manner until I reached 264. I tried to keep the drawings illustrative in nature, as I was interested in seeing
a) what I was capable of both imagining and convincingly representing,
b) how I draw particular things (why, for example do I usually tend to represent human figures as bald males?),
c) how the combination of images would work together, and what it would say about me.
As I the drawings increased in number, certain themes repeated themselves; humans, animals, landscapes, structures, and machines in particular. Many images relate specifically to my life and my environment, while others are more whimsical. The freedom to use that range of imagery was cathartic for me.From an aesthetic point of view, this project references various forms of visual art; the spacing between the drawings bears a relationship to type layout, the tonal gradients and clear lines to tattooing and graffiti art, the sequential logic and illustrative style to (certain) comics, the overall grouping to pattern design.  What role does the medium of drawing play in your work?Drawing is fundamental to my practice of art; from the automatic to the observational, it informs all my efforts in other media, but also offers a freedom that allows for flights of fancy that serve no clear purpose. I am drawn to the immediacy and fluidity of the practice, and also to the hugely important role it plays in helping one to both investigate and represent the world. Through drawing I have learned (and am still learning) to see.

Lenka Sýkorová

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