Showroom is a co-operative project of Monika Krobová and David Krňanský dealing with the tension between an individual expression and a mechanical reproduction. Besides body motives and its substitutes, criteria and multiplicities, one of the main exhibition themes is the principle of a form production where we can feel a latent presence of a human figure. The appropriation of minimalism and action painting diffused by a mechanical repetition substitutes the process of a disappearing subject. Processes which generalize the identity into a group of features and functions. It results into a change of an authentic being into quantitative and qualitative relations and situations. The conception of the common installation is based on a considerable reduction of means of expression and heading towards a basic plan – a net, a surface, a container and the space between, filled with different emotions and unexplained ideas. The resulting situation besides other things revises the fundamental differentiation into a free and applied art and supports certain affinities in the way of thinking and working procedures of a designer and a freely creating artist. It takes the products of their work out of their common context of a perspective which makes them partially non-functional.

Martin Nytra

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