Jan Haubelt´s installation in the Gallery Jeleni was inspired by the autistic child´s view on world.

For his installation at the Jelení Gallery, Haubelt found inspiration in the way autistic children see the world. At the same time, he touches upon more general questions as to what is behind things, what are the ways of stereotypical perception. Paradoxically, behind the wall is not (as we might expect) another room with another exhibit, nor is there nothing there at all; instead, we find the rest (the second half) of what we’d seen before. It would actually all make sense, if it weren’t for our ingrained expectations, existing on the basis of experience and convention – in this case, the fact that we don’t usually find the rest of the animal on the wall behind the antlers. This autistic way of seeing could easily act as a key to falsely complicated problems. As Haubelt shows, this is possible at the very least in artistic practice (consciously straight-forward and literal symbolism).

Dominik Lang


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  1. .-.-.|' says on06. Jul. 2008:

    ..to bylo na VŠUP minulý klauzury, nebo diplomky…

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