INI Gallery is an independent platform operating in the sphere of contemporary art. Our work is defined through an ongoing search for non-traditional forms of both presentation and support of the most current art forms. Our SPACE resembles rather a studio than a classical gallery. The program consists in actions of artists and theoreticians, which have a processual character and happen either before the completion and final presentation of an artwork, or alongside the author’s exhibition activity. Artists or curators are invited to confront their current intentions with the public, involve inspiring guests and transform the SPACE into anything from a workshop to a study room, office or even a kitchen.

INI Gallery is the partner project of the educational initiative UMA: You Make Art and a co-organizer of The Věra Jirousová Award for emerging and established art critics. Through our projects, we address the process of art making, its critical reflection and mediation to a wider public. We aim to be an open initiative mapping current happening on the local art scene, but at the same time keep expanding our operation in terms of geography, disciplines as well as diversity of the participating public.

INI Gallery also explores alternative approaches towards the possibilities of financing a non-profit project. Besides grant support, which is the major source of our financing, we contribute to our activities through revenues gained from selling and renting works by emerging and mid-career artists. We choose the works based on meaningful criteria derived from our orientation within both local and international art scenes, instead of treating a work of art as a mere commodity. We cooperate with artists we believe in, with those who actively exhibit and develop professionally. We therefore also support them in this important, yet uneasy career and expand the awareness of their works to contexts, which aren’t traditionally associated with contemporary art.

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