Pavel Jasanský (born 1938) became known as a photographer with exceptional empathy and a sharp eye already after displaying his series of photographs called Paristory from 1967. His observation talent is apparent also in his documentary photographs depicting emotionally intense micro-worlds of old people´s homes, mental homes and hospitals, cemeteries and carnivals. In course of the 1970s Jasanský also became a much-sought-after photographer of celebrities from the world of music, a position he quietly abandoned later on. A counterpoint of his documentary work are his multimedia works starting with his collaboration on the project Bridge (1981-82) and continuing with his multimedia installations and overpainted photographs. His cycle New Landscape, New Inhabitants (1985-90), showing the final stage of „rotting socialism“ with the help of quotes of absurd civilization and media spectres, represents a quite unique subjective approach to documentary photographs. After the revolution Jasanský continued taking photographs dealing with social themes (e.g. Berkeley, 1991) within the framework of the group Signum and simultaneously continues to extend his rich archive of portraits.
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acknowledgement: Vojtěch Jasanský, Jan Freiberg
photographs © Pavel Jasanský

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