This exhibition was the first large survey in Germany of Dutch artist Gert-Jan Akerboom’s ink drawings on paper.  The artist also created several large murals, turning the exhibition into an immersive experience. Eschewing easily interpretable statements in his work, Gert-Jan Akerboom prefers ambiguous and dreamlike signals that can be interpreted in myriad ways, none of them right or wrong. His drawings take their energy from this unfixed, shifting view of reality, synthesizing precise observation and associative speculation on alternative possibilities. Akerboom’s drawings are filled with the objects and themes that trigger his “dreamwatching” state of mind: Architecture, archeology, ruins, mystic or religious sites and ritual. Collaging the possibilities and impossibilities of these inspirations, wedding them with fragments of popular culture, like Manga, computer graphics, photography and street art, the artist lets us witness candid, highly obsessive, painstakingly precise results that are proof of a unique sensibility and imagination.

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