Still-life or hell on a plate

How to stop taking photographs
It is a constantly recurrent reaction in the lives of people. People who had been thinking about it too much came up with different explanations. With the absence of one parent comes a change in the attitude towards work that has been done up to now. Only then you realize how much work had been done. And that perhaps it´s enough. Surely it´s enough. They begin to do things in a different way or they do nothing for some time. Or something completely different. Both options are all right. Everything is all right. Someone is not looking. Nobody is looking.

Do not explain anything
Those born under the sign of Pisces show several strange characteristics. Despite their very rich inner life they do not share anything since they fear the reaction of people around them. Some of their thoughts are so terrible and blasphemous that they feel these thoughts had been secretly forced upon them. That is why they often do not know how to answer a question. They often don´t even pay too much attention to questions. They know they won´t be able to answer them truthfully. They know that truth is so improbable that pulling out even a tiny bit is not worth it. Furthermore, they do not even like explaining things. If you don´t understand, then don´t ask. Then they turn a question into a joke, they tend to fog or question the topic or they start talking about something that has just crossed their mind. They don´t like trivialisation. Those born under the sign of Pisces will never tell you what it´s really like in reality. Never. In your own interest.

I take pride in this
„I take pride in this“ is an agreed-on expression. It is not a statement. It has nothing in common with what was said or will be said. She uses only accidental but suitable connections to insert a password. The password means: forget, ignore it.
The film does not include any other agreed-on expression.

There are visible contexts and those we only know about. Nobody else sees them. That is why we create things seemingly similar despite the fact that they mean the opposite and are not related to each other. However, we have to calm the viewer at least by aesthetical harmony. By contexts and connections. Hobbling monsters of confusions stamped into the ground. Although sometimes the monsters climb out. And then we slowly leave the contexts to disintegrate. In extreme situations all that remains is the image and the abyss behind it into which disintegrating contexts fall. Cheerfully. Without emotions.

I do not want them to see me like this. It´s not me. How should I behave. Nonsense. A wild moment. It´s a long time ago. Is it a long time ago? It´s such a long time ago. Is it such a long time ago?

Leave me alone. Behind every corner. Leave me alone. Behind every corner. I´m coming.

This text includes one agreed-on expression.

Ivan Mečl

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