Anna Hulačová exhibits a collection of sculptures and sculptural groups set in an architectonic environment linking organic and crystalline shapes. Reminding of a cell, this framework takes us to the level of both macro- and microcosm, merging complex relationship networks. In this universe, each sculpture has its place, its role, its symbolism; whose reading, however, is not prescribed by the artist with definitive validity. There is a mutual hierarchy that can be sensed among the individual works; the plants and animals take on the role of servants or even decorations, while the relation of superiority and subordination is also found among the human figures. The collection has a rich array of meanings and the number of allusions is almost unencompassable for an individual (ancient symbolism of the bee related to death, computer “attributes” in the hands of the figures, chivalric and religious motives translated into a representation of a working relationship, yellow color evoking modernism as well as exoticism etc.). This richness further includes historical allusions (Civilism, Otto Gutfreund) and a variety of used materials and techniques. Nevertheless, Hulačová’s installation has a special compactness; besides embracing a whole range of motives naturally touching upon the aspects of the world of today, it also enables the viewers to experience the pure joy of sculptural forms.

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