The Studio of Young Artists Association – counting 375 members – celebrates it’s 50th anniversary in 2008. That occasion deserves an original and huge celebration: a fifty day long exhibition series with more than 80 artists collaborating.The exhibition series that marks this special occasion features the works of the members in fifty one-day displays, which are like the Gallery by Night – an annual project of the Studio Gallery since 1991 – will reveal the variety of art represented by the members of the Studio. This exhibition is free from any kind of curatorial concept, the members have complete liberty and competence to show anything from their oeuvre or projects on which they are working at the present time. The series offers an unparalelled chance for the professional scene as well to learn more about the members’ activity, the current issues and trends in contemporary art. The public will be able to see some previous and new works especially created for this occasion. Projects, screenings, performances, paintings, sculptures, installations, videos, light shows, presentations and other kinds of contemporary art works will be represented to show the artistic variety and the interest of the members. The aim of the exhibition series entitled ‘50’ is also to embed itself into the summer cultural programme network of Budapest, and to compete with the cultural role of the garden-squat pubs in the Budapest-night. The Studio might be as well the starting point of the contemporary cultural night life. Concerts, artist meetings and some other surprises are waiting for people who know the association and for those who will discover this artistic community present in Budapest for fifty years. Not only a statement of account and a regard turned to the past, this celebration offers also a way to look at the future projects of the association and its members. The exhibition series will start on the 2nd of July with an opening with all the members of the association (a special concert, party) and during 50 days a lot of interesting exhibitions and surprises are expected.

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