Group show of international artists, participants of the Prague Residency 09 in Futura gallery.Cannibal an installation by Manuela Viera-Gallo is an extension of the Domestic Violence series, and is based on elements of performance and video. The video is a collage constructed from two thematically and technically other images. The first black and white video is shot on 16mm film, and pictures a bizarre individual trashing porcelain dishes in the city center of Prague. The second image in the video is an appeal towards the spectator to appropriate cannibalistic behavior, and thus experiences a feeling of complete freedom, regarding limitless borders in his relation to others surrounding her/his. For Viera-Gallo porcelain dishes is a symbol of good behavior in the modern society. By inviting the public to the wild act of trashing the dishes, she makes the uncontrollable animal instincts rise from the unconscious layer of the mind of every engaged individual. The experience embedded in the Cannibal initiates the spectator not only to watch the video, but also and most importantly to experience and relies all of her/his accumulated anger, break rational-cultural standards as well collective norms of good behavior.
Work by Tamás Kaszás titled Symbol Rehab is a formalist study of symbols, which have appeared in times of communism in countries of the eastern block. In his work Kaszás clears all symbols off their negative socialist connotations and applies their often progressive design to the construction of new meaning. Through the use computer technique have all symbols been cleared off texts and other connections with socialist propaganda. Modified symbols have been used to create a collage, based not only on pure aesthetic and formalist elements but on shared values expanding beyond any regime. Even though this game of aesthetics can be understood as pure formalism, its formalist purity may lead to the birth of new politico-utopian structures, which may later function as inspiration when aiming to change current political and social mechanisms
Compared to works mentioned above the work by Marlon de Azambuja directs its focus towards Prague’s surrounding. The key inspiration for Azambuja is architecture, history and cubist design of the Czech capital. His point of view, however offers a new reading, a reading beyond tourist impressions of the city, and is thus based on the intimate impression of an artist coming from a different cultural background. The work which connects video, photography and interventions in the space of the gallery represents a coherent aim of intercultural exchange.

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