Exhibition of work by Jan Šerých staged in the galleries of the Old Town Hall.

 The press release should inform the audience of the exhibition’s objectives. The press release should aid journalists in their work. The press release should reduce possible interpretations to within a narrow circle of the author’s intentions. The press release is an offering to archives and history. The journalist is not obligated to see every work at an exhibition. The journalist informs the reader using a language assumed to be understood by both. The journalist shall not assume that exhibition visitors possess a closer familiarity with contemporary art. The journalist shall not interpret the exhibited works; he is a messenger of objectivity. The artist stages an encounter between the viewers and fragments of his thoughts. The artist demonstrates factual misunderstandings within four white walls. The artist overestimates the public’s interest in his work. The artist lobbies, through the impenetrable or incomprehensible nature of his work, for his interests and those of his trade.

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