An audiovisual composition featuring the life and work of the greatest and most controversial Czech architect of the latter half of the 20th century. Karel Prager (1923-2001) is still rejected by the public at large and by a large part of the art scene, having been both before and after the revolution labelled pro-communist, pro-system, too insensitive and radical. The SPAM – Karel Gott Prager project breaks down the cliché unjustly built around Karel Prager and provides a new angle on his legacy and work.

one comment for “SPAM – KAREL GOTT PRAGER”

  1. Kovi says on24. Apr. 2010:

    škoda že u verze 720p je nejaky problém s cca posledníma 20min :( 360p j v pohodě. link na verzi 1080p by taky nebyl od věci

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