The possibilities of visual arts provoke us to unveil things that are usually out of scope of our everyday communication.Descriptive presentation, often criticised, is considered insufficient as far as projection of erotic motives is concerned. Rightly described affinity touches the boundaries of what is usually called pornography. But is not pornography the most natural visual language of all? Things that we are unable to reflect become taboo, but taboo has become something that is no longer respected today. And there is another interesting aspect of this ever present and absolute freedom – intimacy. How do we relate to intimacy in various presentations of erotic motives? Does intimacy still have a meaning for us when we can calculate it? And how important is morality for us after its definition has been made relative? It looks as if there was only a soft and indistinct boundary between art and pornography in the best works of art. Entering sexual relations we find ourselves within an intricate communication network supported by a dominant hierarchic structure and the important question: „Who is using who?“ There are not many Czech artists who would find this topic open and appealing.

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