Jan Pfeiffer studies at the Academy of Fine Arts. As well exhibiting his own work, which has been shown in Europe, Asia and America, he has run Prague’s Gallery Pavilion since 2007. He uses various media, working with the principles of observation and research. His themes are the search for a space of one’s own in a certain structure, and the influence of totalitarian and post-totalitarian powers on everyday life.

3x comments “JAN PFEIFFER”

  1. Tomas Dzadon says on21. Nov. 2009:

    Jane na 99, 9 percenta je jasne , ze AFTER the FIRST je pc kolaz, preco tvrdis ze je to realna fotka (real je len Praha) ? nerozumiem tomu…

  2. tamara moyzes says on12. Apr. 2010:

    Lebo by to stratilo kontext?!

  3. tamara moyzes says on12. Apr. 2010:

    Ale v pripade, ze to je real, je to sexy praca!

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