Christophe Chemin & Tennessee Claflin. When I Was A Child I Had A Fever probes the nature of philosophical duality through an artistic collaboration based on both unity and opposition.
It establishes similarities and differences on a variety of personal and public platforms: cultural backgrounds (Chemin was raised as a Catholic and Claflin as a Mormon), places (France and the United States, the artists’ native countries), personal history (both experienced traumatic events in their childhood), beliefs and ideals.
The exhibition centers on two  life-size rag dolls, effigies of the artists sewn by them collaboratively over a period of several months, in the artisan tradition. These dolls are suspended by a wide, multicolored, fragile web of cotton which the viewer must weave through in order to explore the piece. The resulting work establishes a conversation about »the production of objects with four hands and two arms« (Chemin) – and through its interactivity, allows the viewer to participate in the artists’ discourse on friendship.

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