Anetta Mona Chisa: The People’s Utopia is the title of the installation created for the festival 4 + 4 days in motion in the former building of the Federal Assembly. The theme of this project is given by the geographical and historical factors of our country. The presentation focuses on art videos reflecting the remnants of our communist past and processes of transformation to a neo-liberal society in juxtaposition with archive video footage from the 1970s and 1980s.
The collection of videos does not attempt to present objective history, but is instead an outline of close events using narrative related to the circumstances surrounding the transformation of our country, which still remains a place of mythical identity that has not been profoundly reflected upon.
Presented videos:
Panel Circle (Jakub Geltner), Road Back (Klára Jirková), Spartakiáda ’85, Big Sister (Klára Jirková), Testo (Sláva Sobotovičová), Soc-ads, The Manifesto of a Futurist Woman (Zhrňme), Pano-run-ma (Viktor Takáč), City Steps (Jakub Nepraš), Loga+Prague (Jakub Nepraš), Spartakiáda ’80, Spartakiáda ’75, and others.

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