The renowned Polish artist Zbigniew Libera and the art group Guma Guar have accepted an invitation to take part in the latest of a series of mixed-generation exhibitions in the first floor of the Futura Art Centre. In his contribution to the current exhibition, Zbigniew Libera has chosen to explore the relevance and sense of the utopian efforts of revolutionary fighters; his medium for this is faked photographs of guerrillas in the mountain range. As a counterbalance to these photographs, Guma Guar has decided to present a series of portraits of real activists from anarchist, anarcho-feminist, and anti-fascist movements – but photographed in plain clothes, in public places, and from behind so that their identities remain obscure. In contrast to Liber’s ironic take on the issues, GG wants to show unidealized, real fighters whose activities force them to remain cloaked in anonymity. The ambiguity of these portraits is enhanced by the fact that they have all been taken using mobile phone cameras.

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