Gallerist and curator Lucie Drdova (1982) graduated in art history and German literature from Masaryk University in Brno where she presently continues her PhD studies. In 2007, she studied at the Institute of Cultural Management and Cultural Studies (IKM) at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna. In 2007 to 2008, she attended a residency programme in the Museum of Modern Art in Vienna. In 2008 to 2010, she worked as curator of the Jiri Svestka Gallery in Prague and as director of its Berlin branch. In 2010 to 2012, she was co–organizer of the Jindrich Chalupecky Award; and lecturer at the Studio of New Media at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. Since June 2012 she has run Drdova Gallery in Prague which primarily focuses on the co-operation with Czech and Slovak artists of the young and middle-aged generation.

Lucie Drdova contributes to periodicals such as the Art+Antiques magazine, Fotograf magazine, Hospodářské noviny daily. She is co-author of the research study A Study on the Contemporary State of Support for the Arts published by the Arts Institute within the implementation of the State Cultural Policy 2009 – 2014 and Czech Contemporary Art Guide (2013).

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