The exhibition of Daniela Baráčková on the premises of Karlin Studios is a mosaic of delicate and ironic videos – funny remarks and sensitive observations with understanding of the plot taking part somewhere nearby.


What are the pictures doing here? The places, Daniela takes us in, are always important. Why? Isn`t it a random choice? The view point is given. The image is moving. Unlike us Daniela Baráčková is well acquainted with the places hacked by the angle of camera. She captures her experience. She conquered these places and does what she wants to do. She does what comes into her mind …or she returns and does what she think is appropriate. Once she is a child, runs across, behind the previous image or enlivens the memories of pubescent garage activism by a slightly sad peace gloss. Some other time she observes her town mates with a gentle irony. Or she only stands among the trees and looks around. In this case, just for myself, I remember and play absent and older video Gumák. Pavel a panelák / Pavel and Block of Flats (2006).The work that got stuck in my head. I always come back to this video. For me it is the key work of the Karlin Studios exhibition. Pavel, the music in his headphones, waggling poplars. Static camera and disintegrating experiment – a block of flats. Daniela lives nearby. Jakub was mesmerised by a video Pamětní deska / The Plaque (2006) -horizontal and historic fresco of a little town. A festive moment in a little town is disturbed by a passing-by car. The communication was interrupted by another communication. Contemporary people in kind of a retro situation. I would say in a situation that is skew. The plaque is placed in a strange place. Have you ever quoted a video work in your thesis? Jakub did. In Karlin Studios Baráčková has exhibited also her latest paintings. They appear among underpinned, mock-up houses, environments with projections like notes. Supplements. Why are they here? I do not know. A moment is as dubious as a video Kung – fu Panda (2008). I have to ask Daniela again.

Katarína Uhlířová, curator

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