Vendula Chalánková deals with seemingly trivial things or let´s say with the banality of everyday life. When you meet her, she usually just stands still and smiles and if she does say anything, so it´s brief and in a soft voice. She usually just nods. She is incredibly polite, which makes you feel that she does not quite fit into this world and that she looks a bit lost in it. It may sound strange but her vulnerable way of communication in fact disarms almost everyone. It mostly isn´t her who sweats and feels uncomfortable. It´s hard to say why. Perhaps it´s because she sees and does things differently. She spends weeks cutting out paper and pasting visual rapid technological effects. If she can´t afford to buy modern gadgets, so she simply draws them. In her comics she transforms traditional life clichés about happiness standardized by TV production into a series of awkward and embarrassing situations. In her abstract painting the size of a living room she doesn´t even try to hide the motif of pork headcheese. For her the photovoltaic panel is a symbol of contemporary landscape. Vendula Chalánková is incredibly and painfully honest. Her work spans between „to have or to be“ and imitation seems to be her key theme.

Radek Wohlmuth

one comment for “Vendula Chalánková”

  1. Evina says on26. Apr. 2017:

    Tvoje diela sú pre mňa dokonalou výpoveďou dnešného matrixu sveta. Si pre mňa symbol realizmu súčastnosti. Kiež by viacerí chápali tvoju prácu. Teším sa na nové videá o tvojej tvorbe :) A niekedy “naschledanou”


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