This event organised by tranzit.sk endeavours to unpack the propositions of “exhibition history” as an autonomous and interdisciplinary field of research and discusses how the geo-political concepts at our disposal should be reinterpreted from this perspective.

Lucy Steeds’ lecture will reflect on work in the field of exhibition histories, with specific reference to the books in Afterall’s Exhibition Histories series while she will also invite critique regarding their contribution to the field. In her lecture, she will discuss the challenges of addressing international and transnational narratives, which she sees as imperative with regard to recent history, while venturing some thoughts on how ‘East-European’ art has been and might yet be considered.

Jelena Vesić’s lecture The Persistence of Independent Culture on the East and Internal Contradictions of Contemporary Independence will analyse and provide contemporary interpretations for the terms “independence” and “self-organisation”, very often used in connection with the East-European art scenes of the 1960s and 70s. With critical readings of the usual binary categories such as official art vs. alternative art, Jelena Vesić will discuss historical and present examples of “independence” in relation to the cultural institutions of the “really existing socialism”, and current globalised, post-socialist and latest-capitalist societies.

The round table featuring the participation of the lecturers as well as of Daniel Grúň and Mirá Keratova, contributors to Sitting Together, will be moderated by Zsuzsa László (tranzit.hu) and will discuss the development and critique of the discourse on “East European Art” and the validity of geographical/regional categories in the field of exhibition history.

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