What is it like to be a bat? The question, posed by the American analytic philosopher Thomas Nagel in a well-known paper of the same title from 1974, might offer a point of entry to Gabriel Acevedo Velarde’s exhibition Runway Dance.

Nagel’s argument was that subjectivity and consciousness were irreducible to objective analysis in the manner of, say, physics. It was not a question of one of them being false, but rather that there was an unsolvable tension between ‘interiority’ and ‘exteriority’.

Out of every abstract dilemma, there is always a way out or at least a redefinition of the terms, in the form of a new technology. Conciousness, subjectivity and the promises and threats of a new techne of the self are some of the topics explored in this show. And also bats, for that matter.

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