Blurring the distinctiveness between images of the real and the virtual world shifts the question of the plausibility of a photograph even further. The defenceless pixels of the images involved in advertising and election campaigns, images used as proof in an online article, or digital records archived for security purposes are easier to edit than their analog predecessors. By combining the appropriate graphical design with an image, not only do artists seem to bring (perhaps) an actual message, real research, or a trusted pre-election survey. The questions of how to manipulate the contemporary virtual reality, behind what facade the most sensitive data are hiding, and why is it important to let yourself be fooled by the same techniques as the advertising industry, will be discussed by a member of the Dutch group Metahaven (Daniel van der Velden), the Russian artistic duo eeefff (Dzina Zhuk & Nikolay Spesivtsev), and the Czech experimental and graphic studio Parallel Practice (Jan Brož and Michal Landa) with German performer and journalist Sabrina Apitz as the moderator.

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