This exhibit cannot be categorized into any typical genre. Although it includes the broadest possible range of works by Jiří Kovanda held by public and private Czech collections, and although it includes all areas of his work (drawings, collages, paintings, objects, installations, interventions, actions, performance) from the 1970s to today, it is not a classic retrospective. The exhibit’s objective is to provide an “uncritical” view of his work and to allow for deeper contexts between the individual works of art and time periods to emerge on their own. In the end, the primary intention of this exhibition of Kovanda’s works finds full expression not in the exposition itself but in the accompanying catalogue, which also offers various texts on and viewpoints of Kovanda’s work by Czech and foreign scholars, curators, gallery owners, and artists. Another aspect of the exhibit is the artist’s own curatorial input. With the aim of creating an “intervention” into his exhibit, Jiří Kovanda addressed several female artists with whom he feels a personal and professional affinity.

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