Along with the everyday network connection, despite the best Internet security, private becomes public. What is a bigger threat, the hackers or user indiscretion?

Is the collection of personal data an invasion of the privacy of an individual, or a process necessary to protect his or her privacy and safety? What are the pitfalls of constant network connection of portable devices? Do companies increase precaution along with the growth of the data captured in the virtual network? Who is a “hacker”, and how does his / her role differ in corporations, election or advertising campaigns, or in anti-virus companies? Is the hacker a villain or an artist of the digital world?

Discussion on these topics will be held by Trevor Paglen, an American artist and photographer, Ondřej Vlček, Avast CTO; Denisa Kera, a philosopher and designer; and Václav Jánoščík, a philosopher and theorist of art and society in the age of the Internet.

Trevor Paglen
Ondřej Vlček
Denisa Kera
Václav Jánoščík

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