It turns out the progress is not going forward that fast. Fashions that were bound to die away are coming back and the hundred times buried postmodernity, with its corpse, that was to be dined on by the Waterworld, doesn’t seem to bring itself to become history. Shallowness and superficiality, the inability to reach any depths, belong however to those attributes of the postmodernity that actually gave ground to the shy efforts to peer beneath the surface. Slowly but surely rising sea levels as much as the crumbling dream of “sustainable development” partake on this renewed interest in depth (in searching for something that has a meaning and it’s not just a play with meanings)… The accounts of difference between the surfing on the surface and diving into depth were at the beginning of our plans for the exhibition back in 2015 and we appreciate the opportunity to materialise the things that for some time existed only on a paper and in various email attachments in the HotDock Gallery. The duo of Julia Gryboś and Barbora Zentková (who are to compete for the Oskár Čepan Award in a month), Dominik Hlinka and Martin Nytra will present new works created exclusively for this exhibition

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