Special Programmes

The video essay deals with the different ways and means which can trigger a physical perception in the spectator. The editing collage is composed of fragments of the author’s videos and is supplemented with a compilation of texts and talks with artists and theoreticians. By using and repeating some of the procedures, it highlights mechanisms which activate the sensuality of seeing.
The selection of authors is intended by the characteristics of individual videos, it has no ambition to map the attitude of Czech and Slovak video art towards the phenomenon of the body. It is about a sample of approaches among the formal areas of video art, video-performance and dance for the camera.

The body of a device and the physical experience of the human body, the borderline through which we perceive and experience the world. The distance between the digital and the physical is bridged by a single look. The physical body is dissolved in a digital space, the reality of space becomes a straight line, the look of the eye becomes the image in the frame of the display. Image as an universal language. The physical body should disappear, the digital body though needs the attention of the eye.

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