Center is a non-profit project space in Berlin, founded in 2003 by the artist Lin May Saeed. Every 2-3 years the space has a new direction; mostly young artists or curators. In 2013 Saeed invited the artists Clémence de La Tour du Pin and Antoine Renard to co-direct Center, and in doing so, they managed to transfer their collaborative online work named ‘’ into the space of Center. ‘’ as an artist- and curatorial collective working in Center and outside of it. In their projects the collective have been building situations and environments which underline in a radical way the complex relationship between the online and the real world by melting together various sources form the internet. The main reference points of the projects were mostly coming form online video games, porn-sites, email adverts, social media sites or non-fiction stories found on the internet, like a cannibal love story or self transcribed teenagers’ psychedelic experiences found online on various drug related blogs and communities. The exhibitions also often implemented some of the visual characteristics of certain video games, and aimed to give a first person (POV) type of experience to the viewer. Among others the projects dealt with identity issues and mental disorders, online games, porn, surgery, death (e.g. voluntary terminal dehydratation) and the possibility to give real taste and smell to the sharp, clean and tasteless materials of the internet.

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