Similarly in “Interview (Zurich)” by Adéla Babánová the artist, whose untimely death contributed to the additional mythification of such an already exceptional fate, finds herself at the centre of attention. This time, Eva Hesse of course remains only the topic of the interview, which is played out in the form of a television talk-show, in which the discussion tenaciously veers off topic. We get to know more about the participating guests and logic of the television talk show and what actually happened to Eva in Zurich…

one comment for “ZÜRICH”

  1. 2046 says on01. May. 2010:

    tezko popisovat jak je tahle vec dobra, to asi neni na vetu do prazdne diskuze. Proste je to super mraziva vec dotykajici se ‘nasich’ problemu a nevyresenych uvah.

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