Berlin, we should talk

Antonia Majaca is a curator, theoretician and teacher. She works at the IZK Institute for Contemporary Art at the University in Graz. She focuses on interdisciplinary artistic research and epistemology of art in the period of algorithmization. At the turn of 2017-2018 she co-curated the exhibition ‘Parapolitics: Cultural Freedom and the Cold War’ at HKW in Berlin. She also devotes herself to her own project called ”Feminist Takes”, in which she reflects on the avant-garde Yugoslav films from a feminist perspective. She was the curator of the exhibition ‘Knowledge Forms and Forming Knowledge – Limits and Horizons of Transdisciplinary Art-Based Research’ (with Patricia Reed and Mohammed Salem) at Halle für Kunst & Medien in Graz. In 2009 she established DeLVe – Institute for Duration, Location and Variables in Zagreb. From 2019 to 2021 she will work on a research project called ‘The Incomputable’ at the University in Graz.

She lives and works in Berlin.

A series of talks called ‘Berlin: We Should Talk’ has set itself the goal of presenting selected persons associated with Berlin’s art scene, such as female visual artists, curators, theoreticians, filmmakers, teachers. Some of them are people exposed in the art world, some of them are less known, not only for the Czech audience but also in the German context. However, they deserve attention. The aim of this series is to mediate the view at important topics dealing with art and its institutions, politics, education and feminism, originating not only in a German context, but also in a global one. We simply have to talk together.
The project is funded by the Czech-German fund for the future.

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