A group of New York–based Left Accelerationists affiliated with The New Centre have published their polemics in a hyperstitionally-titled #AltWoke Manifesto (February 2017). In their own words, the text is, “the work of ANON. We are a collective of ‘Other.’ Some of us are sex workers, some immigrants, many of us queer. There are even a few privileged white cucks amongst us. Never the less, ANON is largely the work and brainchild of people of color (PoC). Our social disciplines are as varied as our identities: from journalists to dominatrixes. ANON are the intellectual cousins of #BlackLivesMatter divorced from liberalism.”

Three leading protagonists of ANON: Alexandra Mason, Joseph Giacona (personally) and Karim Samuels (via Skype) came to the Class of Interpretation to analyze and interpret their #AltWoke Manifesto and drew some new perspectives from it.

#AltWoke Manifesto

#AltWoke Companion


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The program offers ten semesters (2018–2023) of rigorous academic sessions including both open public lectures and semi-public seminars. A core group of twenty-five students have been selected for these semi-public seminars, but COI has the capacity to extend an invitation to twenty-five more guests from the general public. It proposes to form an enclave of embodied learning, which will further a deep exploration of some crucial themes of contemporary art, including ecology, philosophy, and politics with international and local experts.

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