The project Exorcising the Studio exists as an elaborated and non-hierarchical mind-map in the form of a number of photographic contact prints of large-format black and white negatives and an accompanying booklet of notes, texts and labels that together document a broad range of research, making, performing and writing that grew from a series of discussions, museum and studio visits, meetings with historians, artists and curators and walks through Prague and later Turin. From the outset, these activities were predicated, in large part, on the early history of the studio within which we have been working, Ladislav Šaloun’s Prague studio (1910), and its relationship to the wider city (the studio was primarily constructed to facilitate the making of the Jan Hus Monument now in Prague’s Old Town Square but notably became a space for intellectual and political discourse, as well as séances) but have inevitably broadened out, as mind-maps tend to do, to encompass other histories and even other cultures.

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